14th Annual

High Desert Dance Classic

March 9-11, 2018

World Swing Dance Council Registry Event

Ballroom Latin West Coast Swing Salsa
Pro-Am Country Two Step Jack 'n Jill Events Strictly Swing
2008 Photos

All of these photographs from the 2008 High Desert Dance Classic are copyrighted 2008 by Jim Woods (aka Woody). You have permission to use them for personal, non-commercial purposes. If you would like to use them for commercial purposes, please ask me. I'll probably give permission, but it would be nice if you asked first. Please do NOT redistribute these images.

If you would like to purchase any Photos or DIGITAL Images, or see ALL of the photos for the weekend, Click here

If you want to contact me via email: woody615@verizon.net

Here are just a few of the photos taken:


tn_080314_125 (9K) tn_080315_549 (9K) tn_080314_130 (9K) tn_080315_124 (10K) tn_080315_130 (10K) tn_080315_547 (10K) tn_080315_548 (10K) tn_080315_551 (10K) tn_080315_552 (10K) tn_080315_555 (9K) tn_080315_556 (9K) tn_080315_558 (11K) tn_080315_748_bp-patty-pam-sue (7K) tn_080315_764 (8K) tn_080316_391 (10K) tn_080315_550 (10K)

D a n c i n g

D e s e r t   S t a r s

6th Grade   Set #1

6th Grade   Set #2

6th Grade   Set #3

6th Grade   Set #4

7th Grade   Set #1

7th Grade   Set #2

7th Grade   Set #3


Open Cha Cha

Open Night Club 2 Step

WCS Strictly "B"

WCS Juniors

WCS Advanced J&J

WCS Masters J&J

Lisa Sandoval
Lisa Sandoval

Event Director
(661) 916-1318



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