13th Annual

High Desert Dance Classic

March 10-12, 2017

World Swing Dance Council Registry Event

Ballroom Latin West Coast Swing Salsa
Pro-Am Country Two Step Jack 'n Jill Events Strictly Swing

Ballroom/Latin Competition Rules & Guidelines

Dance Competition

Antelope Valley College
32nd West and Avenue K
Lancaster, CA 93550

Eligibility: This competition is open to all amateurs and professionals. Professionals may enter the Pro/Am Ballroom events as well as the Jack and Jill and Open to All events.

Competitors may enter, in addition to two levels of single-dance events, one level of multi-dance events corresponding to single-dance proficiency level (e.g. Newcomer through Intermediate may enter Novice Challenge; Intermediate and Advanced may enter Champion Challenge).

Pro/Am: Pro Am Ballroom events will be run simultaneously with Amateur Ballroom events. Students who are entering Pro-Am events will not be permitted to also enter Amateur events in the same level or division. However, Pro-Am students may enter Amateur events in different levels or division. For example, a student competing as Pro-Am in International Latin Advanced may compete as an Amateur in International Latin Beginner or Intermediate, or in any level of International Standard, American Smooth, or American Rhythm .

A partnership is defined as male lead and female follows.

Note: The Organizers of this Event have the right to cancel or combine events, as they deem necessary.

Liability: The organizers of this event bear no responsibility for the loss or theft of personal property. The High Desert Dance Classic and Antelope Valley College cannot be held liable for any injury sustained while in attendance at this event.

Fun Team Match

Fun Team Matches will take place on Saturday night. A Team consists of 4 different couples (students/ adults/pro or amateur), each of which will dance one of the four dances. The level is open, any moves are allowed. The dances for the team match will be drawn out of a hat and the four dances will be announced. Teams can sign up one hour prior to the event.

If you have a partial team and would like to be matched up with another partial team, let us know and we will attempt to do so. Each team should be full four couples; you cannot dance more than once in a team match.

Dances will be Waltz, Salsa, Merengue, and WCS.

Open To All Competition

This category is open to all couples, (whether student or adult), of all levels. Any moves are allowed (except as noted above). Costumes are encouraged.

West Cost Swing & Salsa Jack & Jill Competitions

Enter by yourself and be randomly paired with different partners. Try your luck; there's little pressure and lots of fun! Jack & Jill competitions have been designed to showcase competitors' skills in spontaneous swing and salsa dancing and their abilities to dance well with a variety of partners. Competitor's fees: $15.00/per person.

All dancing in Jack & Jill competitions is to be "lead/follow". Side-by-sides & breakaways are allowed. Note that the common requirements apply. Costumes are prohibited, but appropriate attire is required.

West Coast Swing: No routines, lift, aerials, planned entrances or exits are allowed. Breakaways (12 count maximum) and drops are permitted. See registration packet for the Jack and Jill events.

Salsa: No routines, planned exits or entrances allowed. Lifts and aerials are not permitted. Breakaways (12 count maximum) and drops are permitted but not required.

There is no restriction on drawing one's previous partner, regular partner, or "worst nightmare" - it's the luck of the draw.

The number of couples in the contest will determine the length of the contest. There may be a preliminary round with a minimum of 2 songs and 2 partner changes with dancers being called back individually for a final round. Alternatively there may be a "one-shot" final contest (without a preliminary round) in which partners stay together and dance to a minimum of 2 songs.

JUDGING CRITERIA: (Swing, Ballroom, Latin)
Competitions will be judged using the Relative Placement Scoring System based on the following criteria:

Timing - Swing and salsa is danced beginning on the downbeat. Timing extends to much finer distinctions than a single beat. It includes whether a competitor is fractionally ahead or behind the beat as well as matching the syncopations of the music.
Teamwork – Swing and Salsa are connected, partner dances. The demonstration of this connection and the appearance of "lead/follow" or "action/reaction" between the partners is an expected part of any competition dance. One partner ignoring or "out-dancing" the other, or jeopardizing the safety of the other, indicates poor teamwork.
Technique - How well the competitors execute movements encompassing their dance represents technique. This includes control of balance and weight, foot placement, body lines, and spins.
Presentation - Creating an atmosphere of excitement by inviting and generating interest in a performance is the desired effect of good presentation. While showmanship is one aspect of presentation, it cannot substitute for good dancing. Good sporting conduct before, during, and after the dance is also an element of good presentation.

WSDC Rules will be followed.

CTST Rules will be followed.


Lisa Sandoval
Lisa Sandoval

Event Director
(661) 916-1318



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